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Fiji sugar workers vote to strike over pay Read more

sábado, septiembre 5th, 2020

Fiji sugar workers vote to strike over pay Read more

The strike will kick-off on Saturday afternoon with the signing of the memorandum of understanding and a day of work actions that will include picketing of work sites and rallies to press for increases in pay. The agreement with local trade unions is a sign of the rising international pressure on Fiji to improve workers’ pay and conditions.

«People were living in poverty and conditions were intolerable,» said the Fijian chief executive, Niall Ferguson. «We know that there are those in Fiji who do not want to get into an agreement with us.»

Last year, with the International Labour Organisation warning that Fijian companies were engaging in «unfair and illegal practices», Prime Minister Kiribati signed a deal with Japan’s Unifor union to raise the minimum wage to 6.5% from 4% starting on 1 March 2017. The deal was quickly criticised by other workers’ groups, who claimed it was no better than the status quo in their native Fiji.

Nino Kavita, head of the United Pacific (UP), said it was a «huge victory for people’s rights카지노 사이트» but said other organisations could make better demands.

He urged Kiribati to stop paying foreign workers too little. «The biggest obstacle to their living standa바카라사이트rds is 우리카지노the money they get from the money they earn. It’s a small amount but they’re paying for it,» he said.

But unions insist that Kiribati’s pay package is not adequate to help workers, with union figures showing that the state provides more than half of the income of almost 16,000 Fijians working in the islands.

It also claims that about half of the 1.2 million workers working in the country lack access to basic goods such as toiletries, medicines and cooking gas, often because of the small volume of contracts the labour groups accept.

Fijian officials insist that the agreements with unions have led to pay rises, particularly for young workers and are part of a broader improvement. They say workers have seen more improvement in their living standards and they see signs that employers are shifting more labour to overseas, including from China, India and Brazil, after years of underpaying workers.